Non-GMO Wild Bird Food Select 50lbs
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Non-GMO Wild Bird Food Select 50lbs

This is a premium mix made with black oil sunflowers, nyjer seed, milo, roasted soybeans, wheat, and cracked corn. Notice how dark the seed mix is? This is because it doesn’t have as much filler compared to other seed mixes. The darker the mix of seed, the higher the quality of ingredients.

-Premium Bird Seed Blend - 50% Sunflower Seeds & Nyjer Seed!
-A wholesome blend of Non-GMO grains! Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Nyjer Seed, Cracked Corn, Milo, Roasted Soybeans, and Wheat
-Perfect for a diverse range of wild birds and critters! Feed on a pile or in feeders.
-Made in Maryland

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